About Us

We are a wedding event photography and videography company based in Pretoria, South Africa

Our Promise


Our promise is to create beautiful and meaningful photos and videos for you and your family whilst providing you a great customer experience from the beginning of your journey with us. We want the photos and videos that we take on your day to make people laugh, make people cry, and hold their breath

Our Specialties


Wedding Photography & Videography
Maternity Photography
Event Photography & Videography
Photo Studio
Family Photography

Our Goal


Our goal is bold and simple; we want to tell your wedding story through compelling images that transcend wedding photography. We believe that wedding photography doesn’t have to be safe and boring. We don’t want to just give you photos, we want to give you works of art that will blow your mind, that communicate the essence of who you are, that tell stories beyond what you see, and that move complete strangers to stop and stare

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